Helping calm the WW3 started in your home around tech use and gaming through connection, creativity, courage and commitment. 

Our clients  say that our programs help them create boundaries and stick to them with out the uproar.

What is your Parenting Style ?

Say Hello to the REBOOT WARRIOR

Hey, I am Nicki Brunton aka the Reboot Warrior.I am so excited that  you are here!

I am the founder of The Youth Reboot Project, through our unique Reboot Program, Tech Foundations workshops, school programs, one on one coaching, and seminars we support parents re-establishing boundaries around technology use and behaviours in the home.

We support you through our unique programs- The Reboot Program and Tech Foundations. Many parents have dived into our programs, stating that there is a lot of information out there about how to set boundaries and manage challenging behaviours, but no other program supports them quite the way our programs do.

Whether you feel a drastic change is needed or you just want to connect with parents in a similar situation, we are here to help you reach the version of you as a parent that you truly desire.

I am delighted that we are connected and I look forward to seeing how our journey will unfold.

Nicki Brunton

What We Do

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Coaching and Mentoring

Our Coaching and mentoring packages are designed for both parents and youth from 5- 24 years old.

We offer family based coaching packages and individual packages for both parents and youth, that are created for specific ages, creative, flexible and adaptable to the needs of the client.

Workshops and Programs

The Youth Reboot Project offers coaching programs around Screen time boundaries and fasting, connection, compassion, strengths, values, stress management, resilience and behaviour change management. We tailor packages to suit your family or individual needs, with multiple payment options available.

In modern society our children have more demands on them, than ever before. 

Our workshops are aimed at different audiences, from school students, to parents, depending on the content.

Seminars and Speaking

Similar to workshops The Youth Reboot Project offers presentations and talks on different issues facing our youth in this modern society. We specialise in talks around how Screen time affects our children’s brains and how to set boundaries around technology in your home.


Monica Divine

What amazing input on how I can be a healthier parent and also relate to my husband better as Nicky had the capacity to take me to there and also lots of tools she has up her sleeve. I strong recommend it!


Spencer Porter

A business with remarkable ethics, and an incredible leader who is keen to help kids grow, love & learn.

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